About Sneakers

With an estimated worth of over one billion dollars the sneaker resale market is at an all-time high.
Flight Club is one of the sneaker consignment industry’s biggest players with two brick-and-mortar locations plus an online marketplace. This spot is sneaker heaven! Flight Club has locations in New York and Los Angeles. Their NYC store has over 20,000 unique styles and over 40,000 pairs in stock overall.

As a consignment business, anyone can sell their secondhand sneakers through Flight Club’s platform. Flight Club authenticates the pair then resells them at market value. Prices are determined by factors like rarity, size, availability and overall condition. Once a pair of sneakers sells, Flight Club takes a commission then sends the remaining profits to the original seller.

When it comes to buying, people want to buy with them because they have the best to offer. And when it comes to selling, they have the most liquid platform so people love to sell with them. If you can’t find it there then the sneaker doesn’t exist!
Work cultures have changed and you’re now comfortable wearing sneakers to the office as opposed to our hard bottoms. It’s now more so a style and a fashion statement, and a comfort thing too as far as things like how we wear our shoes, and where we wear our shoes. People are typically more open now.

The rise of celebrity endorsements has also helped change the game. You have Michael Jordan behind Jordan’s, and all of these people are icons in their own right and help push that forward. Whatever the reason, the ways in which we buy and use sneakers have undoubtedly changed. And in this new era of sneaker consumption, stores aren’t just selling a shoe they’re selling a story. If you look at them there’s a story to go with them whether it be who wore them, and why it’s coloured a certain way. If you put on a pair of these sneakers you feel like you are living the story behind the sneaker.

What do your sneakers reveal about you?